Mala Magic

How to Use a Rudraksha Mala to Awaken Your Divinity

Learn the secrets of the sacred rudraksha beads that have been used by yogis for thousands of years to elevate their consciousness to the heights of liberation.

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7 Chapters


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A Mala, or garland, is a symbolic representation of our natural state of perfection. It is comprised of a collection of holy beads forming a complete circle that signify our innate oneness with all beings, in a timeless existence without beginning or end.

The Rudraksha bead is a Divine seed whose power heals, protects and elevates one into greater states of consciousness. Mala Magic invites you to discover the secrets behind the Divine Rudraksha bead, and learn how to use your Mala to awaken your inherent Divinity.

What You Will Learn

topics included in the book

Chapter 1

What are Rudrakshas?

Learn what these sacred beads are and what makes them so special.

Chapter 2

The Benefits & Healing Properties of Rudrakshas

Discover just how many ways that rudrakshas benefit the health of the body and mind

Chapter 3

Science & Research into Rudrakshas

Learn the science behind the ancient mysticism that surrounds these holy beads

Chapter 4

What is a Mala?

Learn how prayer beads are used and how you can add the practice of mantra chanting into your life.

Chapter 5

The Symbology & Sacredness of 108

Discover the symbolic code that is at the heart of the rudraksha malas.

Chapter 6

Malas Throughout Sacred Traditions

Learn how people around the world use prayer beads to connect to the Divine.

Chapter 7

Subtle Energy Practices with Rudraksha

Learn the many ways that yogis use rudraksha malas to awaken their inner power.

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*Digital Download Available in PDF, Kindle & ePUB.

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Very interesting and informative!! Excellent and easy to read!  If you love rudraksha malas this will tell you alot about the rudraksha and its powers!


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