The Way of Oneness

Essential Teachings of Vedanta to Discover Your Natural State

Illuminating, inspiring and insightful, The Way of Oneness reveals a profound way of perception that can rapidly transform your life towards the experience of true happiness and freedom.

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236 Pages

6 Chapters


8 hrs Reading


Unfolding the key principles of the wisdom path of yoga with an elegant simplicity, this work highlights what is known  known as “the natural state,” a way of living in the ‘here and now’ that is both immediately liberating and deeply practical.  Simply by reading the words contained within and reflecting upon them deeply, the mind can develop liberating wisdom into the true nature of Reality and awaken to the true Self. The Way of Oneness is a complete guide to spiritual enlightenment that will awaken you to your life’s purpose and show you how to live a truly fulfilling existence.

What You Will Learn

topics included in the book

Chapter 1

The Ancient Wisdom

An overview of the Vedic tradition that will help you develop a deeper understanding of the origins of the spiritual teachings of India and it’s spiritual masters.

Chapter 2

Bondage & Liberation

Learn the fundamentals of eastern psychology and how transcending the confines of the mind is the key to enlightenment.   

Chapter 3

Cultivating the Four Preliminaries

To access higher states of consciousness, four essential mindsets need to be cultivated.  These prepare you for the development of liberating wisdom.     

Chapter 4

One Truth, Two Views & Three Perspectives

Get an in-depth understanding of the philosophy of Oneness and how it is presented in various ways to meet the needs of each class of spiritual seeker.

Chapter 5

The Path of Self-Inquiry

Here, you will explore the central techniques of the direct path of liberation.  You will learn the 3-fold methodology of right understanding, deep refection & Self-abidance.  

Chapter 6


Uncover the Divine mystery of the spiritual path as you learn the advanced technique of formless meditation; nirlamba bhavana – the yoga of non-meditation.  

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*Available in Print, PDF, Kindle & ePUB

From the Author

Shri Ramananda Mayi

Founder of Blooming Lotus Yoga

Book Two in the “Essential Teachings Trilogy,” The Way of Oneness is a succinct, yet comprehensive, exposition of the non-dual philosophy of the Vedas from the perspective of Shri Vidya – the world’s oldest Goddess tradition. The sublime spiritual philosophy detailed within, coupled with the practical step-by-step instructions outlined in a simple and easy to understand way, make the profound non-dual teachings immediately accessible to all. 

Shri Ramananda Mayi is the founder of the Blooming Lotus Yoga School of Bali, where he facilitates yoga training courses and meditation retreats. A natural-born mystic, he has spent extensive time in deep retreat, silence, and pilgrimage throughout Asia meeting some of its greatest living sages. Bridging the timeless wisdom of yoga, tantra, and Vedanta with the modern world, he is an emissary of peace, love, and compassion.

What Readers Are Saying About

The Essential Teachings Trilogy

The descriptions of self-awareness, the Self, and experience are offered as astutely as they probably could be. The language is accessible and optimistic.


This text is well worth it’s read. I can recommend it.  Living in a Western culture, this perspective on yoga was very necessary for me. I have taken this to heart.


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Wether you are a beginner yogi, intermediate practitioner or even a yoga teacher with years of experience the “Essential Teachings Trilogy”  will illuminate all aspects of the soul’s journey to freedom and help you embody your Divinity here and now. 

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